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Kim Jong Il’s Manifesto of the Perfect Propaganda Film
On: October 21, 2013   |   By: admin   |   Under: Kim Jong-il, Manifesto, Propaganda

Like all socialist countries, North Korea has passionately embraced the power of the propaganda film. It is unique, however, in that it continues to m...

Flying Air Koryo: Stuff I Didn’t Expect
On: October 10, 2013   |   By: admin   |   Under: Behind The Scenes, North Korea, Propaganda

1. The Air Hostesses are REALLY nice The Hostesses of Air Koryo  The first thing you notice, when you step inside the squeaky-clean cabin of Air Kory...

Director Anna Broinowski at the Dear Leader’s statue: Mansudae Hill, Pyongyang.
On: October 8, 2013   |   By: admin   |   Under: Aim High, Gas Fracking, Kim Jong-il

Crazy, right? I made a film about North Korean propaganda cinema. The crazy part is, it contained a short North Korean-style drama, made by an Aussie ...