The Director is the Commander – the book about making Aim High in Creation! is now out through Penguin!

For all the behind-the-scenes action shooting inside North Korea, check out director Anna Broinowski’s funny, warm-hearted and incisive look at the filmmakers and propaganda artists of the world’s most isolated nation.

Details for the Melbourne book launch are: 6.30pm June 3, Sun Theatre, Yarraville.

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Following its BEST FILM award at the St Petersburg Media Forum in October AIM HIGH IN CREATION! has its Australian television premier this Sunday 2nd November on ABC TV at 10PM.





Palace Chauvel Cinema Paddington NSW, from June 12, 2014



International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, November 2013

World premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival, August 2013

Transitions Environmental Film Festival, February 2014

Films de Femmes Paris, March 2014

One World Festival Romania, March 2014

Al Jazeera International Film Festival Qatar, April 2014

iDOCS Beijing, 2014



Twitch Film – Melbourne Internation Film Festival 2013 Review
“Deeply fascinating and she meets with some truly wonderful characters… the film is peppered with hilarious, intriguing, and surreal scenes of North Korean inspired film-making tips, techniques, and rehearsals. AIM HIGH IN CREATION! is an excellent documentary.”

SBS Film – Feature on the Juche Days: Program Section of the Melbourne International Film Festival 2013
“(AIM HIGH IN CREATION! is) both comically knowing and touchingly honest”

Right Now – Melbourne International Film Festival 2013 Review
“Fascintating… engaging… an entertaining documentary that is well worth seeing.”

Meniscuszine – Melbourne International Film Festival 2013 Review
“Delightful… at times serious, at times humorous, Broinowski manages to balance the topics of environment, filmmaking and international relations without favoring one over the others.”

The Independent – Interview with Anna Broinowski
“Fascinating new documentary.”

The Age - Interview with Anna Broinowski
“Part documentary, part propaganda film, all comedy”

The Australian – Interview with Anna Broinowski

Beat Magazine – Interview with Anna Broinowski
“You will go a long way to ever see anything like it again.”

WBEZ Chicago – Interview with Anna Broinowski

VPRO (Dutch TV) – Interview with Anna Broinowski

IDFA Green Screen Day

The Jakarta Post – Dissecting Propaganda, using North Korea as a guide



TWITCH ‏‪@TwitchFilm
AIM HIGH IN CREATION Respects And Engages Gleefully With The DPRK ‪ 

Trent Griffiths ‏‪@saltandcarbon
Aim High In Creation: charming, mischievous, rollicking, eye opening, traverse from fracking to North Korean  propaganda #miff2013

deb verhoeven ‏‪@bestqualitycrab
V clever film

[email protected]
Frack or fiction? Aim High In Creation uses Kim Jong-il and laughter to fight gas mining.

Eleanor Colla ‏‪@EleanorColla
Nicely highlights the power of film making on a universal & local scale

DangerMeredith ‏‪@FuThoughts
Woke up this morning with my head full of Nth Korean film makers. Aim High in Creation is a fascinating, funny, moving doco ‪#miff2013

Shivanjani Lal ‏‪@Arti_Shivanjani
Funnest ‪#MIFF13 film so far: Aim High in Creation!

A great doco about North Korean filmmakers coaching an Australian filmmaker on making a film protesting fracking. Aim High in Creation! ★★★★

SimonH ‏@rhymeandfiller
Aim High in Creation (2013) – mock-umentary: tweesis, antithesis, synthesis. #MIFF2013

Christina E. ‏@insixweeks
Anna Broinowski’s ‘Aim High In Creation!’ is one fine film. #MIFF2013

Jess Lilley ‏@lilleyjuice
So Aim High in Creation! was a surprise. A sweet approach to some pretty heavy terrain. Amazing access to Nth Korean film industry #MIFF2013

Daniel R ‏@sainter1966
what a hidden gem it was. Have a new appreciation for people of North Korea

esurientes ‏@esurientes
A privilege to be in the audience to deflower Aim High In Creation. A treat for this North Korea buff. #miff2013

A great doco about North Korean filmmakers coaching an Australian filmmaker on making a film protesting fracking. Aim High in Creation! ★★★★

Ian ‏@TheBadgerRides
Aim High in Creation! 5 Stars. Loved it :D #miff2013